Instant point-of-sale recommendations

As a merchant with physical stores, you can use BinTab to connect with customers to get them to stay in your store and buy more, or even come to your store from a non-competing store! Once a customer has actually bought an item at a physical store (your store or a nearby, non-competing store), you can capture that buying momentum on the spot by sending specific recommendations to customers to drive in-store traffic.

Basically, you get to capture the buyer’s interest while the iron is hot! Not in the middle of the night with annoying push notifications and emails while the customer is sleeping. You get to show customers something of interest while they are in the buying mood. BinTab helps you as a merchant connect with your customer as a helpful guide with insightful recommendations sent at the right time.

A new advertising paradigm

Welcome to new advertising real estate. The receipt!

The receipt is displayed on the BinTab app as different segments to allow for recommendations/ads to be placed on the bottom of the mobile phone screen. As the user scrolls through different parts of the receipt, different recommendations/ads are displayed. You get to determine which part of the receipt you want your recommendation/ad displayed on.

Finally ... the complete picture of your sales spectrum

BinTab provides a customized web portal experience to each merchant, with access right from the BinTab home page. To start with, you will be able to view the BinTab Dashboard that gives you a snapshot of all your ads/recommendations in an easy-to-navigate table. Generate new campaigns, edit existing ones, … all from the Dashboard!

Get the sales data you need and the ability to act on it.

You can also view sales data through various graphs and other visual aids to help you determine the effectiveness of your campaigns. With pre- and post-sales graphs, you can adjust campaigns and manage inventory. By harnessing the power of BinTab’s receipts database, BinTab provides you with dynamic, up-to-date reporting of how your in-store sales are doing across various product categories and product lines. Finally, there is a precise way to improve your marketing and sales efforts!

Get the sales data that you need and the ability to act on it.

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Merchant marketing to compete with the online marketplace

BinTab melds the digital world with the real world. By bringing live, in-store sales receipts digitally to user’s phones, BinTab allows you to compete with online merchants. You can now showcase those products exclusively sold in your stores – the ones your customers can’t get online. Now, you are able to tell your story and do what you do best: selling products to real people.
Instead of driving you to sell things online, BinTab allows you to continue to sell products in your physical store locations in a way that makes things even easier for customers. You can now capture their buying momentum to keep them in your store, or get them to rush over to your store if they are in the vicinity. You get to use technology to improve the in-store experience and compete with online merchants.

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