Speed through the Checkout Line

It’s as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Open the BinTab app on your phone
2. Hold your unique QR code in front of the scanner at checkout
3. Get your receipt on your Phone!

With the BinTab App, gone are the days of waiting for a receipt to be printed, or even worse, waiting for the cashier to type in your email address and confirm it.

Your time is valuable. Why wait on line any longer than you need to? Just show your QR code, and get it scanned in 2-3 seconds. Then, off you go!

A single app for all your receipts

Are you app’d out? Instead of having to download and use an app for every store you shop at, the BinTab app provides one universal app to store and organize all of your receipts. After you make a purchase, the BinTab app automatically stores the receipt in a corresponding folder for the merchant at which you made the purchase. So, you can easily find the receipt you need, when you need it.

No more searching through a wallet full of paper receipts or an email inbox full of a ton of other emails. You don’t need to scan physical receipts with your phone, drag and drop receipts to different folders, or perform any other annoying tasks. The main goal of the BinTab app is to make your life easier!

BinTab SmartReceiptTM Recommendations suggest product offerings (in-store and nearby, non-competing store)

Wondering what shoes would go well with that pair of jeans you just bought? Look no further than the receipt that pops up on your phone through the BinTab app. Recommendations specifically tailored to you are displayed at the bottom of the receipt.

The recommendations can be for items that tie in with your recently purchased product, for sales, or for products that are exclusively sold in a particular store. Why bother going from store-to-store throughout the mall to find everything you need when BinTab can just give you recommendations?

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